• Light weight
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Save cost and increase effectiveness
  • High brightness
  • Reliable quality, adopt high quality materials
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Transparent LED display is a special product. It’s easy to attractive people attentions.
It will not block the sight view behind the glass. Very popular for shopping mall, auto dealer, jewelry store, corporate building, etc.
With transparency 75%, audience could get perfect video effect through the screen.
Light weight less than 12Kg/sqm, easy to install and maintain, save cost and increase effectiveness.
High brightness over 5000nits, high visibility even under the sunlight.
Energy-saving: Average power consumption 220W/m²
Reliable quality, adopt high quality materials, to ensure stable performance and long lifetime.
GOB solution for optional, Reducing dead pixel rate during transportation and installation, less maintenance cost.
GOB Technology keeps the LEDs away from dust. When you clean the screen, just wipe the face with cloth, that’s all, saves more time and money on maintenance.

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Pixel pitch (mm)




Scan model


Module Size (mm)


Module quantity


Cabinet size (mm)

1000 x 500

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